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Bespoke frame, in-house production, in-house painting and in-house glazing.

The process of making a window, from choosing the raw  material to putting the final touches to the finished frame, entails a series of stages requiring a combination of  managerial ability, engineering and manual skills, quality and modern technology.

All our products are made in house to order, from cutting the wood to painting – nothing is mass produced.
We plan our work in daily batches, so we can deliver even small quantities relatively quickly, using wood that is delivered ready selected, dry and cut to size.
We use both high-output plant and highly flexible machinery to produce door and window frames in standard shapes and sizes, as well as special ones with any kind of shape and opening mechanisms.

Each item is coated with ecological water-based products to eliminate all emissions of solvents into the environment.  Two layers of float coating are applied in a tunnel, followed by rubbing down by hand and spraying by robot.

Since wood is a poor conductor, the paint is electrostatically charged to make sure it covers all four sides of the product evenly. All excess paint collects on the cold walls (0°C), to allow it to be recycled.
Before final painting or varnishing by robot, each frame is rubbed down carefully by hand.

Wooden window frames are glazed using special equipment that positions the pane accurately and robots for perfect siliconing.  With structural frames, the glass is glued onto the wood, making the whole structure stiff and dimensionally stable, eliminating the beading and providing greater breaking-in resistance.

After all the specific hardware has been fitted and tested, each window is labelled and CE marked, then packaged carefully ready for despatch.


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